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  Nicole Renaud is a French soprano accordionist songwriter and film composer. After learning classical guitar as a child, she studied "chanson" at the "petit conservatoire de la chanson de Mireille" in Paris and opera with Canadian soprano, Constance Lambert, in New York.

As a film composer Nicole has had, over the years, a long standing collaboration with film animator Bill Plympton Many of her songs were featured in his short films "Eat", "The Cow Who Wanted To Become a Hamburger", "The Fan and The Flowers" and his feature films "Mutant Alliens" and "Idiot and Angels". "Cheatin" is her first time assignment as a full score music composer.


Nicole's voice has also been heard in commercials such as an award winning Super Bowl Volkswagen commercials and a Chrysler commercial directed by Adrien Brody.

She is an active performer at the cross road of chanson/opera and performance art. She accompanies herself on a transparent luminous accordion designed for her by British artist Paul Etienne Lincoln. Her last multimedia show "Couleurs" an original cycle of songs - a love story seen through colors - was shown at the Limoges Opera (France), the Biennale de la chanson in Brussels (Belgium), the Gotland poetry festival (Sweden) etc …

Nicole has sang regularly on French German national television Arte and French national radio France Culture for journalist - minister of culture to be, Frédéric Mitterrand.

She sings at high end events around the world for brands such as Bulgari, Vuitton, Panerai etc …

Whether live or on a soundtrack, Nicole's music is ethereal and haunting, with a sound that spans from a retro feel to a more futuristic vibe.

She shares her time between New york and Paris and has both a US and French passport.